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SKU: om-imports-1798 Three Kings Incense Charcoal (33mm)

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Three Kings Incense Charcoal (33mm)
Purchase Three Kings Incense Charcoal (33mm)
  • SKU: om-imports-1798 Three Kings Incense Charcoal (33mm)

  • $3.99

    Size: 33mm

    Pkg. Qty.: 1 Roll, 10 Charcoals

    We currently have 17 available for purchase
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Incense Resin Burning Charcoal, 10 Charcoals per roll.

Label Directions

Hold and light charcoal, as soon as sparking is evident place in a burner, add incense when charcoal glows.

Safety Info

CAUTION: Be sure charcoal burner is placed on a heat resistant surface during use.